Discipleship-Foundational Truths


Sunday - 9:30AM Sunday School, 10:35AM Worship Service

Discipleship-Becoming Dokimos (Approved)

Intro: It’s awful to see someone 30 years old, yet only physically developed to age 13! Simply, it’s not enough that one is alive. They need also to be fully grown, healthy, and mentally mature! Spiritually, it’s the same principle. It’s not enough just to be made alive by being saved and missing hell. Christ purposed that not only should we be saved, but also that we would grow in our daily relationship with Him! Once you are saved—become a true believer in Christ through faith in Christ...His death, burial and resurrection as God’s payment for all your sins—God expects and desires for you to live a radical, changed life!

Directions: First of all, click on a lesson below to download and print it. Study the lessons, then answer the questions for the same chapters. God bless you as you Study His Word.

Discipleship-Intro-Lesson One-Why Should I Expect A Change? Lesson Two-The Lord Jesus Christ

Questions for Lessons One and Two (Change and Jesus Christ)

Lesson Three and Four- Three-Understanding Our Sinfulness and Our Need of A Savior. Four-Salvation

Questions for Lesson Three and Four

Lesson 5- Eternal Security

Lesson 5-Questions

Lesson 6- Our Walk As Believers

Lesson 6- Questions

Lesson 7- The Holy Spirit

Lesson 7- Questions

Lesson 8-Satan and Temptation

Lesson 8-Questions