The Right Path Ladies Bible Study


Sunday - 9:30AM Sunday School, 10:35AM Worship Service All Times Eastern

The Right Path Ladies Bible Study is led by Deborah Eads.  You may come back to this page to get your PDF lessons to print. Just click the lesson you want, below the video. That will open your pdf in another window.  You can choose File, print if you have a printer.  If you don 't have the ability to print, please call the Church Office at 317-535-3512 to make arrangements for us to print them for you.  Please sign up at the Sign up table in the Main Lobby.  Sign up will begin on August 8.  You may also call the Church Office to sign up.  

This will be a Daytime class and an Online Class with no evening classes on Daniel, "A Man of Purpose, Prayer and Prophecy",

Chapters: Daniel 1 - 6

Click the lesson below to get your syllabus: (when you watch the video below, you are actually looking at The Right Path Ladies Bible Study channel on Youtube)

1.  Week One-Daniel Introduction

2. Week Two-Review- The Divided Kingdom of Israel (9-15-21)

Lesson One- "The Divided Kingdom of Israel"

3. Week Three Review - Daniel Stays True to God

Lesson Two- "Daniel Stays True To God"

4. Week Four Review-  "The King Can't Sleep"

Lesson Three- "The King Can't Sleep"

5. Week 5 Review- "The Dream Of A Man's Image"

Lesson Four- "The Dream of A Man's Image"

6. Week 6 Review-"The Fiery Furnace" 

Lesson Five, "The Fiery Furnace"

7. Week 7 Review "Nebuchanezzar's Testimony"

Lesson Six- "Nebuchanezzar's Testimony"

8. Week Review "The King's Dream of The Great Tree"

Lesson Seven- "The King's Dream of The Great Tree"

Lesson Eight- "The Fall Of Babylon"

Week 9-Teacher's Review- "Daniel Is Delivered From The Lions"

Lesson 9 "Daniel Is Delivered From The Lions"


3-9-22 WEEK ONE-March 2, 2022- Review of Daniel Chapters 1-6 and Introduction to Chapters 7-12

Review-Lesson One- Daniel Chapter 7

3-16-22 Review Lesson Two Daniel Chapter 8

3-23-22 Review Lesson Three Daniel Chapter 9

4-6-22 Review Lesson Four Daniel Chapter 9: 20-27

4-13-22 Review Lesson Five Daniel Chapter 10

4-20-22 Review Lesson Six "A Glimpse Into The Angelic Realm"

4-27-22 Review Lesson 7 "World Rulers and Fulfilled Prophecy"

5-4-22 Review Lesson 8 "A Type of the Antichrist" Dan. 11: 21-35

5-11-22 Review Lesson 9 ,"The Rise Of The Antichrist and Israel's Promise"  

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